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​I am writing to thank you so much for allowing me to use the library every month. It is a wonderful resource and the games and reading material which I have borrowed have helped me greatly in my tutoring sessions with S. In S's recent school report, it was mentioned how she had grown and developed in her social skills. I know it’s because of the help I get from the library.


Your support was a complete godsend and I would have donated anything to secure that! We are still so incredibly grateful for your wise counsel.



So impressed with the library!
A real hidden gem that I am delighted to have joined.


I love my visits to the LCL as both a parent and SENCO. I always go armed with a wish list request from teachers and it's like christmas day when I return, laden with more goodies to try! 


  • A huge support

  • Exciting and encouraging games/books and activities

  • Stimulating excellent discussion, question and answer sessions


We currently have over 20 volunteers who together provide many hundreds of hours of free support a year to help  Learners Community Library  run smoothly for its members. 

A number of our volunteers have been trained by the Citizens Advice Service (CAS) to use and support our members use of the Advice Guide on the CAS website.

Volunteers are always welcome. 
We would particularly welcome volunteers to make equipment for the library that closely meets the needs of the users (this would involve some simple sewing, printing, laminating etc) and to fundraise.

If you are interested please contact Teresa.


We offer a large range of toys, books and resources professionally selected to stimulate and develop young minds as well as information and advice for all children and young people.

We have many former and current professionals with extensive experience in education who are able to assist with problems or questions. They can also assist by planning ways to help with specific needs. When you become a member bring any reports with you to show and  help us advise you better.


Student yr 5

I like the library because you get to borrow different toys to plays with.... I borrowed some headphones to stop the noise when it gets noisy and they work.... I've been there sometimes and like it... My brother has disabilities and he seemed to enjoy the toys.... The black out tent was fun, me and my brother popped in and out of it... I would recommend the library far and wide



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